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Cali Rose Gets Goofy

Are You Having Any Fun?

13 Track • Audio CD Format • ©1996

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"It's a P.M.S. Kind of Day," "The Doggie-Doo Blues,"
"Pooey, Pooey, Pooey, It's Christmas" and other humorous songs about life fill this sparkling collection, entertainingly written and sung and beautifully produced."

– Dr. Demento


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Okay, so I wrote and recorded this album last century but there are funny things about human nature that just don't change. This CD includes some Dr. Demento and college radio classics. Get 'em while they're still in stock. When these CD's are gone...they're gone!


1. All My Mister Rights Turn Into Mr. Wrong
2. It's a P.M.S. Kind of Day
3. The Doggie-Doo Blues
4. If I Could Do It Over
5. Procrastinating Again
6. 80's Man
7. Million
8. Walking On Egg Shells
9. Here At the Gym
10. Cranial Blues
11. Pooey, Pooey, Pooey, It's Christmas
12. Ya Gotta Kiss a Hundred Toads
13. Life Is Too Short

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