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I love to teach!

cc strummers

I teach The CC Strummers Beginner and Intermediate Ukulele classes at the Culver
City Senior Center. It's All About the Fun!
Are you 50+ and in the Culver City area?
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I also offer a fun one-day ukulele workshop called Get Started and Have Fun Playing the Ukulele. We learn chords, strums and songs. Sing along and make new friends. The class is an hour and a half long and will get you on the road to ukulele happiness. I have extra ukes you can borrow during the workshop. me for info!

ukulele lessons1 Hr Lesson $40.00

I offer ukulele lessons for Beginners and Intermediate players on Skype!

Maybe you have never played before? I love that! Maybe you want to amp up your favorite songs with some new chord and rhythmic embellishments and other fancy stuff. Let's get your songs into the right key for you and build an introduction and ending. I also teach simple open-string chord melodies using chord structure as the foundation for creating melody and harmony at the same time.

me and let's make a date. Then click the 'BUY NOW' button (left) to pay prior to your lesson. The cost is $40 hour. Thanks much!

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