The CC Strummers stayed connected through music as we rode out the coronavirus!

When the pandemic was fresh and we found ourselves unable to meet in person, members of The CC Strummers recorded videos of themselves playing and singing a song from the songbook, posted it on facebook and tagged another member to keep the fun going!


Thanks Mollie for getting us started with this classic!


Mollie challenged me to play and record a song from our CC Strummers songbook. I hope all of the CC Strummers will play along with me. I made lots of mistakes, so let’s see if you can play it BETTER! Let’s keep our ukulele ohana going!


Here’s Sherry singing a class favorite that seems especially appropriate these days for all of us. Music is medicine.



Barbara K. took our arrangements of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” (which is in C) and transposed it to a slightly higher key, D. So you’ll be playing these chords: D, A7, D7, G and E7 (although not necessarily in that order).


Another CC Strummers’ Song Challenge from Ron N. who is now living in Florida.
An apple a days keeps the…away.



Here’s Ellen posting one of our favorite songs. You gotta love the banjo-uke! Ellen used to play banjo and guitar so she’s some cool fingerpicking down. Thanks Ellen!



Carl comes to us from New Jersey! He’s performing a song that’s not in our songbook but is a great song—timeless and current. Thanks Carl.


Here is Barbara D., getting to know us. Way to go girl!


Moving into Week #2 of the challenge with Elaine’s Southern California strumming.” Yay Elaine!


Our CC Strummers’ Song Challenge keeps on keeping on! Yay for Barbara K. for posting a song that is especially apropos for what’s happening now in our world.


Blame it on Cabin Fever.

Who is next?  

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