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Thanks for your continuing support so we can make music together online and in person. Your kindness and generosity are very much appreciated.

Monday & Thursday Beginners & Intermediate/Beginners Classes
Suggested Donation $5.00 per class
Live Sunday Jams that I lead at Lesley’s
Suggested Donation $5.00
Saturday Intermediate Four-Week OnGoing Ukulele Workshop & Jam
Suggested Donation $14-$20 (sliding scale)


Saturday One Day Ukulele Workshop
Two Songs!  Twice the “Fancies”
Suggested Donation $20

Please see the explanation of my work below.



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An explanation of my work

desk with a computer, a clipboard with music

My Monday and Thursday classes are offered to players everywhere. But they are not free. The suggested donation is $5.00 per class. Here is what you are getting… My arrangements are original and not copped off the internet. They are for you to download and keep. I make sure each song is in a vocally-friendly key (for most of you) and add fancy stuff that is both challenging and fun. I have worked as a professional musician over forty years and bring a pragmatic, real-world approach to my teaching. This is not a hobby, it is my profession and I put hours of preparation into each class. You receive one email a week with class materials and I also post this information (and tutorials) on my website, all to make it easier and accessible for you.  These classes offer so much more than ukulele. We are building an online community, an ohana, and we support each as musicians and human beings. This is an interactive forum. We ask questions and share our ideas, trials and triumphs.

In the four-week OnGoing Ukulele Workshop & Jam, my intermediate level class on Saturdays, we focus on learning new chord forms, up and down the fretboard, as well as finding melodies and creating chord melodies together, using songs we have chosen.  We learn fancy embellishments, melodic licks, chord substitutions and how to improvise. We practice the fundamentals, work with scales and helpful finger exercises and play a song by ear.  This is an interactive class where players with different levels move at their own pace. We bring our ideas to the communal table and learn from each other.  The OnGoing Ukulele Workshop & Jam includes video reviews of the weekly material.  The class is from 10:30am to noon (Pacific Time). We meet four Saturdays in a row. The suggested donation is $14.00 to $20.00 (on a sliding scale) per class.

My newest One Day Ukulele Workshop:  Two Songs!  Twice The “Fancies” packs a lot of punch into an hour and a half.  Like the longer four-week version, we build arrangements, together, exploring strum and fingerpicking patterns, rhythmic and melodic embellishments and fills.  I factor a solo into my arrangements.  We begin by strumming and humming then improvising over the chord and finally creating a short chord melody solo.  Get comfy at your level, then let the class inspire you onward to try to things.  Suggested donation is $20.

I lead the outdoor Sunday Jams at Lesley’s Backyard in Mar Vista.  I take your song suggestions and put them into a show-worthy set list, rehearse a plenty, bring a full PA system, play, sing, lead the group through 20 songs and am your ever-entertaining M.C.  All those tricks I learned working in piano bars really come in handy!  The suggested donation for this Sunday jam is $5.00. I put out a no-frills tip bag.

We are growing a spectacular ohana, both online and in person.  Thank you for being part of this!  Having a sense of community does the heart good.  And we are a living, breathing example of how learning to play a musical instrument keeps our brains sparking and bodies moving.