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General Compliments

Thank you! Your extra advice during the class helps enormously, as does your encouragement.

— RK

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You really have created an amazing community/ohana with your excellent personality and teaching abilities, my Dear. So many of us have remained connected during this dreadful pandemic because of YOU! Thank you. 

— E.


The routine of my life during this pandemic has been so enriched by taking your classes. My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are healthier, I’m sure.


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I LOVE your Monday and Thursday sessions and have learned so much from you…if anything, I get so inspired to play with that amazing smile of yours and the positive energy you give off every second of every minute!! Thanks again.


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“Your classes are a joy and I’m so thankful for Zoom so I can “attend.”


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Your song “Something Wonderful Happened Today” was SO GOOD. Seriously, I was stunned at how terrific you are on ukulele. After I watched and listened to you, I told my wife that you’re an amazing ukulele musician. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Cheers.

—B., Ukulele Kids Club Academy Workshop

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Even though I am just a beginner, I am hooked!  You are a fabulous teacher!  I love the way you give us options and challenge us to try new strum patterns. Also, the alternate fingering for chords is very helpful.  Love, love, love your class.

— P.


How wonderful it is to celebrate you and all the pleasure you bring to us with your voice, our music, your smile and your great big heart.

—L & B

Thanks Cali for the joy you put in the universe.


“Singing is like taking your voice on a joy ride to lift the blood and tears of life. Without music, I couldn’t bear the stress.” —Winston Churchill. Cali, thanks for bringing music to our lives. (more…)


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Cali, I enjoyed your class Wednesday for the children’s uke group. One eye-opener for me:  I’d wondered how to remember embellishments, and you mentioned printing empty uke grids!! Brilliant, and just what I needed. Thanks so much for all your amazing efforts and expertise!

—D., Ukulele Kids Club Participant

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Cali, you are the best!! A woman after my own heart! Responsible, kind, patient, and conscientious! You are the reason I am able to stick to this challenge! Update: I have been tuning up everyday and now it’s a cinch to get to the green…


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Thank you!  I have just added the Thursday class to my life and fingerpicking.  What a transition you and the uke have brought to my life.  Life with the ukulele is so much richer.