I love to teach!

I’ve been a professional musician since I graduated from college and then dropped out of nursing school.  Well you have to begin somewhere smiley face and I started in piano bars.  From dingy dumps to top-of-the food chain and everything in-between. There is no better place to hone your craft, night after night.  I sharpened my skills as a singer, musician and entertainer.  I accompanied hundreds of singers and learned to whip up an arrangement, on the spot.  I also learned how important it is to establish an atmosphere where the audience feels welcome and part of the show.

I bring the sum total of my experiences to the art of teaching.  The piano is my primary instrument (with guitar and banjo added to the mix).  I think like a keyboard player and translate that to the ukulele.  Melody, the fingerprint of a song, harmony (chords) and rhythmic intensity are cornerstones of my approach.  I especially want others to experience the joy of being a musician.

Learn more about all of my current ukulele class and workshop options:

Individual lessons via Skype

5-Week Ukulele for Beginners Workshop at Boulevard Music

4-Week Ukulele for Beginners Plus Workshop at Boulevard Music

4-Week OnGoing Ukulele Workshop/Jam at Boulevard Music

The CC Strummers Ukulele Group for Seniors