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Ukulele tutorial: “Better Times Will Come”

Janis Ian has generously shared her glorious and uplifting song with musicians everywhere, to learn, record, and share. Read more and get the chart.

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Zoom classes and lessons

Learn ukulele and have some fun! Donation-based Zoom classes for beginners and intermediates—open to the public!

Cali’s Ukulele Kids Club Academy Workshop

Learn to play and sing Cali’s tune “OO-KOO-LAY-LAY” — with all kinds of ways to fancy things up!! Get the sheet music here. The UKC is an international organization that helps children overcome the stress of serious health conditions by playing the ukulele. Check out their website and their YouTube page for more academy workshops.

The CC Strummers… in the news!

A great video story by Kristopher Gee about Cali Rose and The CC Strummers – read it here!

Cali Rose featured in OokTown’s Ukulele Podcast

Coming to you straight outta Culver City, Cali Rose comes to talk to us about the beginnings of The CC Strummers, affirms the power of the ukulele in music therapy, and takes us through her journey from studying nursing to full-time musician. Hosts: Stuart Yoshida, Doug Brown. Watch on YouTube or Listen on iTunes.

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Video tutorials

Pick up new ukulele skills at your own pace. Chords, embellishments and more!

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Cali’s schedule

Zoom classes, workshops, appearances and more!

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Suggested donation per Zoom class is $5. Read about the preparation that goes into each class.


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Cali’s version of Chopsticks

Cali sings her own song “Smile, Smile, Smile

This Morning Something Wonderful Happened to Me (I Woke Up)

Cali Rose plays “The Way You Look Tonight” on piano

ukulele band
The CC Strummers

Cali leads this ukulele group and teaches two weekly Zoom classes. Players local to the Culver City area are welcome to join our in-person jams.

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Cali teaches private lessons online and hosts fun group workshops and strum-alongs.

In the news

Cali was recently the featured instructor at a Ukulele Kids Club event. Read more!

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Cali’s blog

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Cali’s Blog

photo by Bobbie

The last blog I wrote was about Will Smith taking a swing at Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. What year was that? Feels like ancient history, considering all that is happening in the world. In our heads. And hearts. Well I’ve missed writing and connecting with you. The “music thing” has kind of taken over my life and this worker-bee loves to work. I still do one gig a week, teaching beginning ukulele at a local retirement community. Our … Read More


I’m watching the Academy Awards, answering emails and cleaning my desk. That’s when I see Jada Pinkett Smith, sitting in the swanky front row with her husband Will Smith. The next presenter, Chris Rock, lays into her with a lame joke about her hair. She’s rolling her eyes and looking very pissed-off. Hubby is laughing, kind of fakey-like. Until he isn’t. That’s when he bounds on stage, all huffy-puffy, and smacks Chris Rock in the noggin. My computer screen goes … Read More


One year ago, Friday, March 12, 2021, I had big plans for the day — two Zoom gigs and a Covid surge take-out dinner with my sweetie, wrapped and ready to go from our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Paco’s Taco’s.


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” wrote John Lennon. Instead of enchiladas, I stared down a baby bowl of tepid vegetable soup that a guy from dietary delivered to my hospital room.