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Singer, ukulele and piano player, teacher, songwriter, entertainer and recording artist. What fun!

Ukulele video tutorials

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Chord transitions and embellishments

New tutorial: 4/4 Strum Patterns!
Cali helps you add some new skills to your ukulele playing.  

Zoom classes & lessons!

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Learn ukulele skills and techniques and have fun!

Donation-based Zoom classes for beginners and intermediates—open to the public!

Cali Rose… in the Movies!

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Never Too Old

An inspirational documentary about the power of music to enrich life for older audiences and it explores the paths of professional musicians (including me!) who perform for these audiences and love it!!!


Cali’s version of Chopsticks.

Cali sings her own song “Smile, Smile, Smile.”

Brand New Day! A feel good, sing along, clap along song for ukulele!
Get the sheet music for “Brand New Day.

Cali Rose plays “The Way You Look Tonight” on piano.

Video Tutorials

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Pick up new ukulele skills at your own pace. Chords, embellishments and more!

Cali’s Schedule

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Zoom classes, workshops, appearances and more!


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Suggested donation per Zoom class is $5
Read about the preparation that goes into each class


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Upcoming CC Strummers Classes

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The CC Strummers’ Monday and Thursday classes
are now online, via Zoom.

If you are not a member of The CC Strummers and would like to join us online, please email me for the login information.

When the crisis subsides, we’ll meet again!

Monday’s Beginners class meets 3:30-4:30pm and Thursday’s Intermediate/Beginners meets 10-11am in The Veterans Memorial Building, located at 4117 Overland Ave, Culver City. (S.W. corner of Overland and Culver). Parking is free in designated lots. Both Monday and Thursday classes meet in The Multipurpose Room through June 2020.  (If there are last minute room changes, we may be in The Rotunda, The Garden Room, Iksan/Yanji or The Auditorium).

Upcoming CC Strummers Shows

All our upcoming live shows are cancelled until further notice

Cali’s Upcoming Workshops

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, classes at Boulevard Music are cancelled until further notice. 

My intermediate level OnGoing Ukulele Workshop & Jam is online via Zoom and supported entirely by donations.  Saturday, 10:30am to noon.  When it is safe to gather inside we will reunite at Boulevard Music in Culver City, CA. 

Call (310) 398-2583 or email Cali for updates.

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