I’m looking forward to doing another One Day Ukulele Workshop in June and will let you know when it’s happening.

Last month we took a glorious road trip of “fancies” and oh the “fancies” our players came up with too.  It was definitely a carpool kind of adventure.  We explored two songs, Goody Goody and Sea of Love but it felt like we still didn’t have enough time.  So the next workshop we’ll take a deeper dive with one song. That will include more discussion about scales and licks, honing in on the melody notes (by ear), locating chord forms up the fretboard, putting it altogether and how we can apply these goodies to other songs.  So it’s gonna look like this:


One Song!  Tons of “Fancies”

Coming July 2023
10:30am-noon (Pacific Time)

The suggested donation is $20.

This workshop is on Zoom – Email Cali to sign up. The workshop will be recorded and available for later viewing.
Intermediate and Confident Beginners are welcome.

A woman with a microphone and a ukulele
Cali teaching— Photo by Ellen.

What’s It All About?

We start with Cali’s song charts which form the foundation of this workshop, play through the chords and land on some basic strum patterns.  Then we build a new arrangement together and explore chord substitutions, strumming variations, fingerpicking, melodic and rhythmic fills, improvising over a solo and creating a chord melody.  We tackle the challenges of multi-tasking.  At any given moment, the right hand is doing one thing, the left hand another, we’re singing (or humming), tapping a foot, making eye contact with our audience.  Putting this all together takes woodshedding and planning ahead. 

Preview the workshop videos from our last One Day Ukulele Workshop in April 2023

These intermediate level ukulele workshops have been in progress for several years and began Saturday mornings at a local music store.  When the pandemic hit, Cali took the classes on Zoom and players all over discovered our little pot of musical gold in Culver City, California.  

In Cali’s world, we are all students…and teachers…so her workshops are collaborative and rollicking fun as we share our musical ideas, triumphs, travails, questions and “hey, try this” kind of stuff online.  As she likes to say “I’m showing you my way, but it’s not THE way.  You have to find that out for yourself.”

As we build scaffolding around our arrangements, find a level that is accessible to you.  And hang out there as long as you want.  You are supported and encouraged in this group. When you’re ready, explore something new, even if it’s a little messy.  Because life is messy.  So strum lots.


Cali has worked as a fulltime performing musician her entire life.  She brings a pragmatic, irreverent approach to learning (and loving) the ukulele.  She has been teaching ukulele since 2010 when she founded The CC Strummers.  Today the group has an international following, meets twice a week for Zoom classes and performs locally in Los Angeles.

As a working musician, Cali has done thousands of gigs — singing, playing piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele.  She teaches from personal experience and shares what she has learned on the job, from her mentors and especially from all of you.  So let’s fill your goody bag with sparkling new musical ideas so you can begin to build your own arrangements.  Then take it to the streets!


Suggested Donation $20 per class

Thank you for supporting Cali’s work. You can use these online platforms: PayPal, Venmo & Zelle. Cali also accepts checks delivered the old-fashioned way by snail mail. It all works! Please Click here for the specific links and more details.

How to enroll

Email Cali for instructions on how to join and receive class materials (which include the song arrangements and play & sing along videos) which will be sent to you a week before the workshop, via email.

Time and Location

Our classes are on Zoom so players from all over the world can join us.  Saturday, April 29, 10:30am to noon, Pacific Standard Time (so you do the math if you don’t live on the west coast of The United States). But because a video of the workshop will be recorded, you can watch it anytime, especially if the workshop is happening in the middle of the night where you live. Of course it’s a lot more fun to “be there” and participate live, but videos work too…and really well.