Welcome to The CC Strummers!

Way back in 2010 I offered a two-month Ukulele For Beginners class at the Culver City Senior Center in Culver City, California. We started with 15 players and I thought “two months…we’re done.”  But the ukulele doesn’t work that way!  We grew an ohana, a family.  Before the pandemic we had two large classes a week, performed shows in the community, taught uke to local middle school students and did music therapy at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital where we played for the kids and gave ukuleles away.  We are hoping to meet again in person and resume some of these activities in the future.

Our songbook is an eclectic mix of tunes for beginners and intermediate players.  The arrangements are my own which I have written in ukulele and vocal friendly keys.  We learn new chords, strums, fingerpicking patterns, cool licks, melodic and rhythmic embellishments.

Our classes are an oasis in this crazy world.  It feels SO good to make music together. We have tons of fun, laugh a lot, make lots of mistakes and make new friends.  We learn about melody, harmony and rhythm. We warm up our bodies with hand and vocal exercises.  Even if you have never played an instrument before the ukulele could be your ticket into the world of music. Welcome to our ohana.


Beginners Class Mondays 3:30 – 4:30pm  (Pacific Standard Time)
Intermediate/Beginners Class Thursdays 10:00 – 11:00am  (Pacific Standard Time)


Over the past year we have welcomed players from around the world and our group has become a global ohana.  As things open, I will continue to teach the Monday afternoon and Thursday morning classes on Zoom.

But there are big changes here in Los Angeles.  Because I want to welcome players of all ages to The CC Strummers we have ended our association with The Culver City Senior Center and are now an independent ukulele group.  Presently there are two small “pop-up” CC Strummers groups that meet in-person every other week.  We are also looking for a large venue to meet once-a-month for two hours. I will let you know how that is going.  In the meantime, please join us on Zoom.

How to enroll on Zoom.

It’s easy!  Just email me and I will send you the Zoom link, login information, class materials and add your name to my elist so you receive this updated information weekly.

Suggested Donated is $5.00 for each class.  Donation instructions and links are in each email you receive.


About the classes


Monday Beginners Class:  

We play easier songs and I give more instruction.  If you have never played the ukulele before it may feel overwhelming at first but we have all “been there.”  You pick up stuff through osmosis and just playing with other people.  Keep coming back!

Many of our intermediate players come on Monday so they get a chance to stretch and try new techniques.

Bring a playable ukulele (with strings that stay in tune), a tuner and download the class songs.   Or just bring yourself, check us out and sing along!

Please download this NEWCOMERS PACKET.


Thursday Intermediate Class: 

We play more challenging songs with more chord changes and embellishments.  Beginners are invited because you can always “fake it” (mute the strings with your left hand and strum with your right), sing along and work on your right hand technique.

Email Cali for details or call (310) 285-3506 and leave a message.

Check out some videos of The CC Strummers—more available on Cali’s video page and YouTube channel.