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Thank you for all your work and compassion for your students, who range from those with the price tags still on their instruments (metaphor stolen from a bluegrasser) to professionals. As for me, you took a woman with a desire to learn from playing to performing. Because of you, I was able to share so much with the ukulele and bluegrass folks!

I can never thank you enough. Keep on keeping on, Cali. You make a difference.

— Bluegrasser T

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Thanks for keeping up the spirits of so many people!!


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Your song “Something Wonderful Happened Today” was SO GOOD. Seriously, I was stunned at how terrific you are on ukulele. After I watched and listened to you, I told my wife that you’re an amazing ukulele musician. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Cheers.

—B., Ukulele Kids Club Academy Workshop

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Cali, you bring such joy to the CC Strummers, and the world at large. You are a godsend. You are a gracious, chill and outstanding teacher. Thank you so much! Love…


Thank you Cali, for keeping us going with your wonderful teaching and positive energy.  Keep smiling!


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Thanks Cali!! I’m really grateful for access to your music arrangements and for learning with the CC Strummers!! Be well!


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You are an awesome teacher! The best I’ve ever had! Hasta mañana!


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The class was very helpful to me because it forces me to stay in the pocket and not slow or rush the music. Thank You!


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Thanks, Cali! You are a wonderful teacher !!smile



You have started something truly special, Cali, something that really matters to so many people. They reflect your kindness, compassion and love of music. I was privileged to be part of such love for as long as I could. Bless you.

— Toni 6/2018

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Thank you for another fun week. I look forward to learning something new from each class and am never disappointed.


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Thanks, Cali for your dedicated service and for holding down the fort, during these especially challenging times. The drum machine is a great touch!


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Thanks to you and your wonderful group again for your performance yesterday at the Culver City Woman’s club. You and your players have a lot of personality to go with your musical expertise. You have obviously brought a lot of joy into their lives and into ours yesterday. A special day for all of us.

—Pat H. 5/2018

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Thanks, Cali, for all you do to keep us happy, playing our ukes, during the pandemic.



You are our Den Mother!

I’ve never met a teacher, coach, mentor or guide who took such pride in her charges, befriended all and supported all with that brilliant smile, sense of humor and empathy. Your spirit is the drive behind the success of CCS, Cali.

We play our hearts out for you.

Love, Toni 2/2017

I want to thank you again for including my class in your holiday show and all the great pictures you have sent me. Each time we perform with you, I see my dancers relax more and begin to enjoy themselves. And you are the reason. Your joy in connecting with people is irresistible and inspiring. You encourage people to come out of their shells and share with others. You are blessed with a true Aloha spirit!

— Karen W. 1/2018


I am so enjoying your lessons and especially your SPARKLE! Thank you so much.


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You make your students happy they’re in your classes. You are an inspirational teacher. I often describe you as challenging us and balancing the challenges with praise for strums well done. A good formula!

— Wena 1/2018

Thanks for your commitment to excellence!



My dearest Cali,

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy what you write in the hopes that we learn what you are trying to instill in us. Your dedication is amazing, and your love for your teaching, and for us is to be greatly admired. You will never know what it meant to us to have found you on our road of life, and how much you touched us, not just with your teaching, but how we drove home happy for having been with you.

Frankly, you are cheaper than a psychiatrist, and so much more fun. Thanks for the memories, and thank you for all that you are. When I get to heaven, and they try to give me a harp, I will ask if I could not have a ukulele instead, and are any of my ukulele friends there so we can form a group, and teach the harp players how to play the ukulele. We will then have to wait a long, long time, for you to show up.

A grateful student,

—Victoria R. M. 3/2017

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I want to say “Thank You” for your “zoom” classes.  Your instruction is perfect..  Even though the Monday class is supposed to be for the “beginner”, it contains information that everyone can use.


There is no doubt, if we lived in Southern California, I would be attending your classes, once the virus is gone.  The issue of the “D7” chord, all of a sudden I understood the reason for the variations of chords.  Your explanations of the music is very easy to follow. I’m going to pursue watching your videos.


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Wow Cali! thank you sooo much!! We are so grateful for you sharing your time and talent with our community. I am 100% sure that people loved the lesson and are at home right now plucking away as we speak. I hope that it was an enjoyable experience for you as well and that you know the doors are always open at the clubhouse for you.

— Ukulele Kids Club

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Thank you so much, Cali. Your classes are so enjoyable and it is a pleasure to be in your presence . I really look forward to your class.


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I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic class last night. I learned so much and have gotten multiple messages from people who attended who absolutely loved it.  We would love to have you back at any time. 

—S.E., Ukulele Kids Club

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Cali, your workshops are the highlight of my week. Thank you!


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Terrific Embellishments class today with UKC. So fun. I learned some cool stuff. Thank you.

—B.H., Ukulele Kids Club Participant

Thanks, Cali, for your expertise and humor.


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Cali, I enjoyed your class Wednesday for the children’s uke group. One eye-opener for me:  I’d wondered how to remember embellishments, and you mentioned printing empty uke grids!! Brilliant, and just what I needed. Thanks so much for all your amazing efforts and expertise!

—D., Ukulele Kids Club Participant

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THANK YOU  Cali! For your irresistible enthusiasm, skills, caring and sharing the music with us.  You mix things up and make us laugh and really listen to people, Cali, all of which makes you a very rare, special, wonderous teacher students love to follow. Thanks for all you do.


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I enjoyed the part of class that I was able to attend today. I found your overview about melody, rhythm, and harmony clarifying.  I know there’s a good chance I’ve heard you say it before, but somehow today I took it in, so thank you.

—S.K., Ukulele Kids Club Participant

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Your classes are so much fun and informative.  I so look forward to every class and really missed them when I didn’t have my iPad.


We just got finished with our lesson, and I must tell you that you have inspired a renewed vow to practice and break though to a new level on the uke! Thank you! Your explanations, your suggestions and recommendations, your ideas and your critical analysis of where and how I can improve are incredibly valuable to me. Thank you!! I hope to make you proud when we have our next lesson in two weeks.

— Porter G.

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I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your classes and really look forward to them each week.  With sincere thanks.


Dear Cali.

I wonder if you have any idea what joy you bring to our lives. Although many of the Strummers are not able to keep up or play our ukuleles as we would like, your patience and encouragement keeps us all going. Even though I cannot function as I would like and find myself just strumming once instead of four times because of the pain, I still feel like I am able to contribute to the whole and can keep on singing and finding ways to add some percussion…!

Thank you for being the talented, delightful person that you are.

—Janet “Two”

Finding your class was like winning the lottery. You make it so much fun and so very rewarding.

— Barbara K.

I joined your class shortly after my husband passed away suddenly. Taking your class alleviated my mourning process because I had something fun to do each week and was happy to be in your class. For that, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for teaching me how to play ukulele. It was a lot of fun when we sang and played ukulele together in the class. It was even more enjoyable because you held the class with so much enthusiasm and humor.

Thank you again and take good care of yourself.

— Y. C.

Thank you very much for making the trek to our oasis group yesterday…. i was very enthusiastic about you both being there and playing for us all…. so talented… and inspirational you both are with your own unique individual styles… and i loved that you remembered me from your visit to carlsbad earlier this year… I love my two new cd’s. Your extreme kindness on giving me a third cd, well that was such a surprise and so much appreciated… thank you very much. listening to such talent will definitely inspire me….

— Kim

I have come to greatly appreciate the time and effort you take to select songs, transpose to an easy voice range, chart for easy uke playing. and print out for the class. great fun!

—Val 11/13

I SO enjoyed your workshops last weekend, as well as my colleagues from R. Cucamonga Senior Center. We shared with our teacher/facilitator (she had to cancel out). She’s now having me help teach the strums. Believe it or not, within 2 practice sessions at home, I had a break-through. I could actually play the latin rhythm and both count it out and sing with it. I am so excited; I can’t believe it. I’ve been playing for only a year. If it weren’t for your great dialog and demonstration, it would NEVER have happened. You’re right about feeling it within. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

— Joyce P.

I was in your Boulevard Music ukulele class yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know how excited and happy it made me. I think you’re a terrific teacher, and I’m looking forward to the next three weeks, and beginning, in those weeks, to learn to play the ukulele. Thanks very much!

—Jane S. 1/14

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You two {Craig and Cali} are so sweet and approachable – the kindness in your hearts is evident in your eyes, and how you treat people. Bravo!

— Jill G.


Everyone loves you. We laugh and laugh. Thanks for introducing me (and everyone else) to the ukulele.


apple on book

You had a huge part in it, my friend/mentor. You nurtured/awakened my musical side, and now I’m in 3 (three!) choirs, taking voice lessons (who knew a relaxed jaw gives you resonance?) and all those uke jams, performing (for money!), sounding better than I have in my whole life, and it just keeps getting better!!! “Thank you” feels inadequate, but I mean it with all my heart.


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you are an inspiration. so lucky to be learnin’ from the best.


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I know the CC Strummers are thrilled that we’re under your direction. You inspire us, complement us and teach us so many things, not only about the ukulele but about life. I like learning about embellishments, alternate fingering for chords, slides. It’s fun playing the songs you’ve written. You challenge us in a gentle way. I think you’re a great teacher and I’m so glad I discovered your classes.


Thanks for keeping all of us seniors busy singing, playing the ukulele, and having a good time. Always looking forward to your classes. Thanks!

Love, Tom

Thank you so much Cali for bringing the uke into my life – much better than Prozac. I wanted you to know I bought a Toys R Us uke for my 3 year old granddaughter. I’m hooked and practice every day. If Congress could take ukulele lessons from you, we could all get along! Thanks Cali, for your music and sharing the uke with us.

— Anita J.

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You are a treasure and have motivated me to actually practice between sessions.  I love the way your song sheets are annotated.  So much information all on one page.  I love it.


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…thank you for teaching me ukulele…I wanted you to know your teaching means a great deal to me.

— Mary S.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to turn people on to making music together. I am really excited by this and it was your YouTube video that gave me the courage to do this. In fact , one of your YouTube videos inspired me to start a ukulele group at my senior center.

— Peggy M.

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Love your Zoom classes with The CC Strummers.  Thanks for all your good teaching and emphasis on rhythm.  I wish to stay on Zoom—even when life returns to some “new” normal.


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Just want to let you know you are an inspirational ukulele teacher!  I love your teaching ways.  They are so entertaining and enjoyable.  I am learning much and feel the improvement in my playing thanks to you.


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I really love both Monday and Thursday classes and hope you continue your Zoom classes even when our quarantine time is lifted.



Thank you Cali for all your terrific teaching and your beautiful heart. I can’t wait to be in person again. I have to say you are doing a great job with zoom.


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Thanks for your ongoing fabulousnous and loving leadership in our uke community. A community that continues to grow at your helm.


ukulele and sunburst

Always a pleasure to play with the CC Strummers!! Thank you for all you do!


You have inspired me to push beyond just strumming…thank you for a most enlightening hour of my ukulele life.  (Re: Chord Melody Workshop at the 2018 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival).


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Cali, you are an excellent teacher!


Cali, thank you so much for your tutorial.  It was FANTASTIC!  It helped me out so much.  It showed me how to combine all the techniques into a song along with the melody line.  What a great teacher you are!!  And you wrote a beautiful song.


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Thank you for all you are and all you do to bring us joy period-—and joy through music!


This is the first time I’m actually learning how to play the ukulele properly!  It’s been quite challenging but fun!   You’ve already answered some of my questions that I had about fingering.   Your explanations about fingering are helpful and I like your flexibility about allowing us to find what works best for us and encouraging us to experiment!  …I do love your ways of teaching us and your sense of humor!


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You are a fabulous teacher, Cali!! happy little music notesI look forward to Mondays and Thursdays now!!


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 Your class brings light into this period of despair.


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As I have always said since I met you, “I go to the class, because you are cheaper than a psychiatrist, and much more fun.


 We just wanted to let you know how very much we are enjoying your classes… you are helping to keep our spirits up as well as improve our ukulele skills.  Thank you once again.


Thank you and your class helps me connect  with the society.


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Today was the best class ever, Cali! I learned so much and you were so clear on your instructions, I even had time to scribble them down.


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I really enjoyed the Thursday class – your energy and spirit really add to the joy of the class…I so appreciate you and your work.  Thanks for helping all of us!!

— E.

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It was a great class with lots of helpful tips on strumming and fingering and I have to tell you I appreciate the care you take in preparing the music sheets with all the information we need to play and sing as easily as possible.  I really am glad to be a part of your class…thank you for having it for all us housebound but happy ukulele students!


I can’t grasp most of those fancy up the neck chords but now I know they exist. Thanks Cali.

— D.

Great class. I love your fingering tips‼️


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Today I became a CC strummer!! Cali is a fabulous teacher. Glad I was on mute. I wasn’t keeping up but I learned so much in one class!  She’s amazing. I was very quiet. I sat in the hypothetical back row being a newbie!! I’ve got some practicing to do…

— L.

Cali, thank you for all your hard work in creating the music sheet for Aloha ‘Oe. I’ve been working on it, watching the YouTube videos and appreciate the creative challenge you had to get it into a playable format for us seniors. Beautiful song and arrangement. Thank you.

— M.

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…I really enjoyed the Beginning Ukulele class. You are such an amazing teacher! I so appreciated your talent, teaching style and patience. I also really liked the information filled notebooks and summary emails you sent after every class. You have inspired me to pick up my ukulele every day and play.

Thank you for all you do Cali. Your authenticity and ability to connect with so many is heartwarming and wonderful.

—Marlou 12/16

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Loved yesterday. You answered so many questions I had, and filled in a lot of blanks, that helped me understand way better what we’re covering…

Did I say Thank You?

—Toni 12/16

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Thursday’s class was just THE BEST! I really enjoyed it. Maybe if I learn to actually play a scale, the rest will follow. I’ll be more “at home.” Hugs…

—Betty 12/16

I’m thoroughly enjoying these classes! Thank you for all the time you put into these workshops, classes, gig’s (latest flash mob was the best!), music arrangements and everything else you do for us.

—Susan C. 5/16

apple on book

“A good teacher will go through it slowly the first time, and address any helpful tips for making the fingering efficient, and any special strum patterns. The second time through the song, still playing slowly, and the instructor possibly calling out instructions for the tricky parts.”

Which is what Cali does to a tee. Cali also has a great sense of humor, which makes our twice a week classes so much fun to attend. Her personal attention and her devotion also creates an atmosphere of camaraderie, especially with the twice a year pot luck parties she throws.

—Michael K. 12/15

“It was an honor to have joined the CCSC Strummers. You have made everything fabulous. Without you it cannot be done…Indeed, my honor and my joy to be working with you. Cannot wait for the next performance……Love your enthusiasm and expertise in entertainment. You are an asset….an inspiration and a great teacher in our Culver City Senior Center. Aloha and Mahalo…”

—Aleli N.

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