Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chord Melody

Here is my approach to creating a chord melody arrangement on the ukulele. Using my own song “Detour Ahead,” we’ll explore melody, harmony, rhythm, right and left hand techniques and embellishments.


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4 Responses

  1. CB
    | Reply

    Cali, thank you so much for your tutorial. It was FANTASTIC! It helped me out so much. It showed me how to combine all the techniques into a song along with the melody line. What a great teacher you are!! And you wrote a beautiful song. —C.B.

    • Cali Rose
      | Reply

      Thank you so much. You are inspiring me to get off my butt and do more videos! 🙂

  2. Gloria Callahan
    | Reply

    New player — would like to play along with your song “This Morning Something Wonderful Happened To Me” but I can’t figure out the chords. Any way you can help?

    • Cali Rose
      | Reply

      Welcome to the ukulele Ohana and I have emailed you the chart for my song! Enjoy.

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