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Thanks, Cali for your dedicated service and for holding down the fort, during these especially challenging times. The drum machine is a great touch!


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THANK YOU  Cali! For your irresistible enthusiasm, skills, caring and sharing the music with us.  You mix things up and make us laugh and really listen to people, Cali, all of which makes you a very rare, special, wonderous teacher students love to follow. Thanks for all you do.


I have your CD “Are You Having Any Fun” in my car. I listen to it when I drive home and want a sense of otherness from hard days work. It relaxes and melts the edginess I would otherwise bring home to my family, husband, dog and cat.


Thanks for your commitment to excellence!


There is no doubt, if we lived in Southern California, I would be attending your classes, once the virus is gone.  The issue of the “D7” chord, all of a sudden I understood the reason for the variations of chords.  Your explanations of the music is very easy to follow. I’m going to pursue watching your videos.


Thank you for all your work and compassion for your students, who range from those with the price tags still on their instruments (metaphor stolen from a bluegrasser) to professionals. As for me, you took a woman with a desire to learn from playing to performing. Because of you, I was able to share so much with the ukulele and bluegrass folks!

I can never thank you enough. Keep on keeping on, Cali. You make a difference.

— Bluegrasser T

I had forgotten how much fun it is to turn people on to making music together. I am really excited by this and it was your YouTube video that gave me the courage to do this. In fact , one of your YouTube videos inspired me to start a ukulele group at my senior center.

— Peggy M.

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“Hi young lady – I wear a size 10 shoe, and I have forever – big feet give us a good foundation and able to deal with life with all its good and bad surprises.”

— Janet F.

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You two {Craig and Cali} are so sweet and approachable – the kindness in your hearts is evident in your eyes, and how you treat people. Bravo!

— Jill G.

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We wanted to thank you for your Zoom meetings. Bill and I are enjoying them very much. (Being a bass player he loves that you put in the beats since he’s not familiar with many songs.)  All you do takes a lot of time and we appreciate it.  We both play cause we’ve found it’s something we can do together, not like tennis, ugh!  And it’s fun, we’re not in it to be great. In today’s world it’s even more important to have something to focus on.

— S. & B.

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You are an amazing connector of people…..”The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King. I love the fact that you are encouraging members to introduce themselves.


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Thank you for your time and the love you put into your classes. You don’t know how much we appreciate it, especially during these trying times.


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You are a fabulous teacher, Cali!! happy little music notesI look forward to Mondays and Thursdays now!!


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Thank you for your teaching and your music. I smile and laugh all the way through the lesson.


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Thanks to you and your wonderful group again for your performance yesterday at the Culver City Woman’s club. You and your players have a lot of personality to go with your musical expertise. You have obviously brought a lot of joy into their lives and into ours yesterday. A special day for all of us.

—Pat H. 5/2018

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