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THANK YOU!! for having us “in class” and I am truly enjoying it.  You give me joy, motivation, inspiration, and you make us laugh!  And I’m sure most of us feel the same!  Keep up the great work that you are doing, especially during this covid-19 crisis.  Thanks, again!


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Your song “Something Wonderful Happened Today” was SO GOOD. Seriously, I was stunned at how terrific you are on ukulele. After I watched and listened to you, I told my wife that you’re an amazing ukulele musician. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Cheers.

—B., Ukulele Kids Club Academy Workshop

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Even though I am just a beginner, I am hooked!  You are a fabulous teacher!  I love the way you give us options and challenge us to try new strum patterns. Also, the alternate fingering for chords is very helpful.  Love, love, love your class.

— P.

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Cali, you bring such joy to the CC Strummers, and the world at large. You are a godsend. You are a gracious, chill and outstanding teacher. Thank you so much! Love…


I had forgotten how much fun it is to turn people on to making music together. I am really excited by this and it was your YouTube video that gave me the courage to do this. In fact , one of your YouTube videos inspired me to start a ukulele group at my senior center.

— Peggy M.

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We just got your CD in the mail!  What a wonderful production, and you are as good as they get!!  Thank you SO much for sending it to us… We’ll do some more listening, but so far our favourite is “Maui Nights.”

— Bosko and Honey

Thank you. It’s always a happy time when taking your class, and making music. 

— JS

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Terrific Embellishments class today with UKC. So fun. I learned some cool stuff. Thank you.

—B.H., Ukulele Kids Club Participant

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You have grown and nurtured the natural gifts that you were given, and in your sharing bring so much joy to so many others.


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Thanks for the great sessions this week Cali! I especially enjoyed How Sweet it Is and Brand New Day. Stay well!


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THANK YOU for bringing such joy to us during these difficult times.



You have started something truly special, Cali, something that really matters to so many people. They reflect your kindness, compassion and love of music. I was privileged to be part of such love for as long as I could. Bless you.

— Toni 6/2018

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Wow, what an impressive list of songs that you have taught us starting last April when I joined you on Zoom.  You’re such a highlight of the week.  My husband has noticed a dramatic improvement in my playing and technique. 


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The class was very helpful to me because it forces me to stay in the pocket and not slow or rush the music. Thank You!


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I enjoyed the part of class that I was able to attend today. I found your overview about melody, rhythm, and harmony clarifying.  I know there’s a good chance I’ve heard you say it before, but somehow today I took it in, so thank you.

—S.K., Ukulele Kids Club Participant

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