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General Compliments


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“I am feeling so good – listening to your CD. it is really wonderful. you have such a gift in knowing how to say/sing uplifting words/messages. the ode to joy is the perfect ending too. Thank you!!”

— Anne G.

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…thank you for teaching me ukulele…I wanted you to know your teaching means a great deal to me.

— Mary S.


I also have to compliment you on how you chunk songs together using a common key for the theme for each session and your seamless spiraling upward of strum and fret fingering techniques at each session.


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“I just wanted to write how much I enjoy “Are You Havin’ Any Fun.” I hope this doesn’t sound like an odd type of compliment, but it is of the highest order. If my mom were to sing to me it should be in your voice. And one more compliment, the Hawaiian songs you did – they are done as if you were a local.”

— David B.

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“I listened to “Are You Having Any Fun?” and I truly had fun listening.  I laughed and nearly cried.  Your music Cali gives so much, a whole philosophy, your personality, as well as pleasure.  I so enjoyed.”

— Leslie W.

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You have grown and nurtured the natural gifts that you were given, and in your sharing bring so much joy to so many others.


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“Your new CD is awesome! I’ve been listening to it all evening!”

— Deach

Wonderful! This one makes me cry!


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I really love both Monday and Thursday classes and hope you continue your Zoom classes even when our quarantine time is lifted.


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We wanted to thank you for your Zoom meetings. Bill and I are enjoying them very much. (Being a bass player he loves that you put in the beats since he’s not familiar with many songs.)  All you do takes a lot of time and we appreciate it.  We both play cause we’ve found it’s something we can do together, not like tennis, ugh!  And it’s fun, we’re not in it to be great. In today’s world it’s even more important to have something to focus on.

— S. & B.

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 Your class brings light into this period of despair.


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Thanks for the great sessions this week Cali! I especially enjoyed How Sweet it Is and Brand New Day. Stay well!


Cali, your class has been one of the highlights of the pandemic for me.  I enjoy learning new things in your classes and appreciate all the knowledge of music you have shared with us.  I love how you are always cheerful and happy in class and how you let everyone ask their questions and explain the answers patiently, always being mindful of our feelings.  The one thing I will be sad about if/when this situation ends, is not being a part of your ohana.  Thank you again for being there for us!!



I am so enjoying your lessons and especially your SPARKLE! Thank you so much.


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Thank you, Cali. I want to say again how much your encouragement has meant< to me, particularly your comment that a recording is a snapshot of one point in a long journey. Yes! We're allowed to be miles less than perfect as we build skills and have a whale of good time. You continue to inspire and support all of us in so many ways.

—Barbara K.

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