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Thank you, Cali. I want to say again how much your encouragement has meant< to me, particularly your comment that a recording is a snapshot of one point in a long journey. Yes! We're allowed to be miles less than perfect as we build skills and have a whale of good time. You continue to inspire and support all of us in so many ways.

—Barbara K.

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“I am feeling so good – listening to your CD. it is really wonderful. you have such a gift in knowing how to say/sing uplifting words/messages. the ode to joy is the perfect ending too. Thank you!!”

— Anne G.

Cali, So glad you are back in the saddle! I’m looking forward to working out arrangements and becoming fluent with the ever increasing bag of tricks. You and the musical journey we are all on together makes a big difference in our lives and our world. Thank you.

— C.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Loved yesterday. You answered so many questions I had, and filled in a lot of blanks, that helped me understand way better what we’re covering…

Did I say Thank You?

—Toni 12/16

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Thank you so much, Cali. Your classes are so enjoyable and it is a pleasure to be in your presence . I really look forward to your class.


This is the first time I’m actually learning how to play the ukulele properly!  It’s been quite challenging but fun!   You’ve already answered some of my questions that I had about fingering.   Your explanations about fingering are helpful and I like your flexibility about allowing us to find what works best for us and encouraging us to experiment!  …I do love your ways of teaching us and your sense of humor!


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“I just wanted to write how much I enjoy “Are You Havin’ Any Fun.” I hope this doesn’t sound like an odd type of compliment, but it is of the highest order. If my mom were to sing to me it should be in your voice. And one more compliment, the Hawaiian songs you did – they are done as if you were a local.”

— David B.

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“…a sweet and simple joy to listen to.  What an uplifting array of music and lyric.  I am so impressed with your originals, your poetry, singing, and with your ukulele playing! It’s a first class production, and I wish you all the success that you have merited in the sales and distribution.”

— Emerson P.

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Thanks for the great sessions this week Cali! I especially enjoyed How Sweet it Is and Brand New Day. Stay well!


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“I have officially worn out your new CD! I have played it at home, in the car, in other people’s cars, on the computer….you name it. I love it! Every song has its own personality and unique vibe. What truly makes it special is the fact that it puts one in a good mood immediately and makes even the worst of days seem not so blue. I don’t have a favorite because they are ALL my favorites! Thank you!”

— Noelle T.

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Thanks, Cali! You are a wonderful teacher !!smile


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Your classes are so much fun and informative.  I so look forward to every class and really missed them when I didn’t have my iPad.



Wow, what a show last night! Yours is the best ukulele performance I’ve ever experienced!

— Dick

I can’t grasp most of those fancy up the neck chords but now I know they exist. Thanks Cali.

— D.

Cali, thank you for all your hard work in creating the music sheet for Aloha ‘Oe. I’ve been working on it, watching the YouTube videos and appreciate the creative challenge you had to get it into a playable format for us seniors. Beautiful song and arrangement. Thank you.

— M.

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