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General Compliments


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Thanks for keeping us sane in 2020


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Thank you for all that you do for us, Cali.  You’ve motivated me to actually practice and try to get rid of my sloppy fret habits

—Zoom Participant

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I am happy to be back with you again!  And after more than two years, my fingers still remember and were not sore.  I am grateful and appreciate your zoom classes.  You are effective and always a fantastic teacher!  I especially like the close ups of your strumming and fingering.

— A.

Cali Rose … Your piano playing is sumptuous! You’re such a dynamic and lovely performer! Thanks for sharing.

—Kate M.

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“I LOVE your CD! It is the best. My new favorite!!The whole package; the songs, the accompaniment, your  lovely voice. Truly, it is such a breath of fresh air!  Can’t wait to get to one of your shows live and in person!!”

— Janet M.

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Note:  This album was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Album in the 2009 Hawaii Music Awards. It didn’t win and some folks were a little upset about that, like Ric Douglas, who wrote me the message below…

8 things That Can’t Be Robbed From Cali Are:

  1. Classiness
  2. Grace
  3. Musicianship
  4. Poise
  5. Talent
  6. Positive Attitude
  7. Beauty
  8. Craig (Cali’s husband)

…in no particular order

— Anon

Cali, thank you for all your hard work in creating the music sheet for Aloha ‘Oe. I’ve been working on it, watching the YouTube videos and appreciate the creative challenge you had to get it into a playable format for us seniors. Beautiful song and arrangement. Thank you.

— M.

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“Cali Rose has contributed her CD “Are You Having Any Fun?” as a door prize. If you aren’t having any fun, you will be when you listen to her sing and play the ukulele. Funny, ironic and too cool to conga! This is what the uke is all about, thanks Cali!”

— Cathy of Crossroads Ukulele Festival

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“This is one of the best CD’s I have ever heard.  I love it!!! Great voice…great production…great arrangements…great originals…great choice on the cover tunes.. great musicianship…great graphics, CD cover and photos.  Great things in store for this CD and Cali Rose!!!”

— Jamie S.

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THANK YOU!! for having us “in class” and I am truly enjoying it.  You give me joy, motivation, inspiration, and you make us laugh!  And I’m sure most of us feel the same!  Keep up the great work that you are doing, especially during this covid-19 crisis.  Thanks, again!


Thanks for your commitment to excellence!


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“My favorite song on your new CD is the waltz that describes your first car. I play it over and over being reminded of the VW bug that was my first college car.”

— Steve F.

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Thanks to you and your wonderful group again for your performance yesterday at the Culver City Woman’s club. You and your players have a lot of personality to go with your musical expertise. You have obviously brought a lot of joy into their lives and into ours yesterday. A special day for all of us.

—Pat H. 5/2018

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Just want to congratulate you on your program today. It went really well. I loved being present for it. Joyful. You alternated between the individual singers and the group songs so fluidly.  And it all was within the hour. Flawless.

— A.

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“I really liked your CD. My 2 favorites were by you; Set Your Tushie Down and Maui Nights.”

— Peggy K.

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