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We wanted to thank you for your Zoom meetings. Bill and I are enjoying them very much. (Being a bass player he loves that you put in the beats since he’s not familiar with many songs.)  All you do takes a lot of time and we appreciate it.  We both play cause we’ve found it’s something we can do together, not like tennis, ugh!  And it’s fun, we’re not in it to be great. In today’s world it’s even more important to have something to focus on.

— S. & B.

Thanks, Cali, for your expertise and humor.



You are our Den Mother!

I’ve never met a teacher, coach, mentor or guide who took such pride in her charges, befriended all and supported all with that brilliant smile, sense of humor and empathy. Your spirit is the drive behind the success of CCS, Cali.

We play our hearts out for you.

Love, Toni 2/2017


Love love love your blogging! You give me useful tips. My continuing education goes on.


Thank you so much Cali for bringing the uke into my life – much better than Prozac. I wanted you to know I bought a Toys R Us uke for my 3 year old granddaughter. I’m hooked and practice every day. If Congress could take ukulele lessons from you, we could all get along! Thanks Cali, for your music and sharing the uke with us.

— Anita J.

Dear Cali.

I wonder if you have any idea what joy you bring to our lives. Although many of the Strummers are not able to keep up or play our ukuleles as we would like, your patience and encouragement keeps us all going. Even though I cannot function as I would like and find myself just strumming once instead of four times because of the pain, I still feel like I am able to contribute to the whole and can keep on singing and finding ways to add some percussion…!

Thank you for being the talented, delightful person that you are.

—Janet “Two”

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Love your Zoom classes with The CC Strummers.  Thanks for all your good teaching and emphasis on rhythm.  I wish to stay on Zoom—even when life returns to some “new” normal.


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It was a great class with lots of helpful tips on strumming and fingering and I have to tell you I appreciate the care you take in preparing the music sheets with all the information we need to play and sing as easily as possible.  I really am glad to be a part of your class…thank you for having it for all us housebound but happy ukulele students!


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Look forward to your class.  I appreciate your patience and kindness and the participants.



And I love your wonderful classes that I join every Thursday!  A real highlight of my week, whether I’m in Cambridge, Cape Cod, or more recently NYC.

—L on the East Coast


…I saw the Musician Fest video with you playing and singing for the seniors, great job! Carry on, you’re an inspiration!


album cover

“Cali Rose has contributed her CD “Are You Having Any Fun?” as a door prize. If you aren’t having any fun, you will be when you listen to her sing and play the ukulele. Funny, ironic and too cool to conga! This is what the uke is all about, thanks Cali!”

— Cathy of Crossroads Ukulele Festival

Just wanted to tell you that you do really great work! With respect and admiration…

—Sue 7/17

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“By the way, your tunes are very danceable – we’ve tried and they work well!”

— Wena D.

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I really love both Monday and Thursday classes and hope you continue your Zoom classes even when our quarantine time is lifted.


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