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General Compliments


a ukulele with the word inspired

You are a treasure and have motivated me to actually practice between sessions.  I love the way your song sheets are annotated.  So much information all on one page.  I love it.


Thank you so much for putting in hours of work so that we can enjoy and learn. Music therapy is the greatest for me.


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“Hi young lady – I wear a size 10 shoe, and I have forever – big feet give us a good foundation and able to deal with life with all its good and bad surprises.”

— Janet F.

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Great song selection and great class.



I also have to compliment you on how you chunk songs together using a common key for the theme for each session and your seamless spiraling upward of strum and fret fingering techniques at each session.


a computer with hearts on the display

Thank YOU for teaching. I am so enjoying your classes. I consider your Zoom classes one of the few silver linings of this crazy pandemic. Cheers.


Thank you and your class helps me connect  with the society.


a computer with hearts on the display

Love your Zoom classes with The CC Strummers.  Thanks for all your good teaching and emphasis on rhythm.  I wish to stay on Zoom—even when life returns to some “new” normal.


a computer with hearts on the display

Thank you for your warmth and understanding. I appreciate you so much. It was a great class Saturday.  I love Summer Wind. You taught us so much and my aspirations are high.  It really is about coming together. I’m blessed to be part of this loving and fun ukulele community.  What a gem.



“Well I said I L O V E  your website and I do and I also applaud your one-woman-do-it-all approach, going to the care homes and connecting with your CDs and upbeat attitude, so very important, as you said, in these challenging of all times.  Looking forward to your CD receipt and connecting more as I’m always drawn to the under-dogs of this world, those who exhibit grit.”

— L. S.

a computer with hearts on the display

I really enjoy trying to play and sing along with your class and totally love being a part of it, even if it’s from across the ocean.  I love the embellishments you show us as well as tips on how to change chords more easily.  Thank you so much.


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We just got your CD in the mail!  What a wonderful production, and you are as good as they get!!  Thank you SO much for sending it to us… We’ll do some more listening, but so far our favourite is “Maui Nights.”

— Bosko and Honey

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“Chris and I wanted to pass along a thank you!  We have been playing your CD in the office this week and everyone here thoroughly enjoyed the tunes.  Being on the front end of “tings,” it’s always nice to see and hear the finished product.  It is especially nice when the music is as good as “Are you having any fun?”!  Very serene. Thanks again for sharing.” [Disc Makers]

— Chris Bailey and Brian Jones of Disc Makers.

Dear Cali Class today was an epic event. Thank you for your inspiration always. There was so much love and heart in the zoom room. You look great and I am so grateful that you listened to your inner wisdom. You are a gift to all of us. Sending you love.

— E.

 I owe my music to you, your charm, loan of a uke and endless enthusiasm gave me a new lease on life. Thank you thank you thank you!

— T.

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