Don’t we love our “projects”? I have dozens of “dem things to do” in every corner of our condo tree house. My desk looks like an organized zone of chaos. On the piano, there are piles of songs to learn or write or arrange. The ukuleles sit sentry in every room beckoning me to forget all that other stuff and “play me, play me now”!

There are hundreds of emails to return, calls to make, social media to “get social with,” gigs, teaching. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending how you look at it, my body shuts down just about the time the sun is setting and with some measure guilt, I give up. And play Sudoku.

But this week is pretty darned exciting around here. Well, extra exciting! So I’m horn-tooting (because I have not hired a professional horn-tooter to do it for me).

My big CD Release Party and Concert is this Sunday, September 29, here in Culver City, at Boulevard Music at 7:00 P.M. (I promise to be all perky because I’ll take a nap in the afternoon). If you live in Los Angeles and are willing to TiVo the final episode of Breaking Bad and have twelve bucks to buy some sweet music and fun, please come party with us. My hubby,Craig Brandau, will join me on a few songs, so you get a “two-fer”, by golly, and a mighty fine time in this very warm and intimate setting. I will perform songs from all three of my CD’s including the Dr. Demento comedy stuff.

Last week, Sandra Coopersmith, a lovely woman and writer from the Culver City Crossroads newspaper, visited The CC Strummers. She arrived with a pencil and notebook, eager to gather information for a feature article she was writing about our ukulele group. And me. I put a yellow Makala soprano ukulele in her hands instead. She was there in the name of research, but I could see how the music and absolute joy of it all rubbed into the words she wrote. And now the article, “Ukulele Lady Cali Rose,” is out there for all to see. Let me just tell you this… It’s quite a rush to hear people say nice things about you.

While you are still alive…

Please check it out. Click here.

We rarely have the opportunity to step out of the “dog and pony show” of our life and see it from the mezzanine instead, to take the longer view. Thanks Sandra for giving me perspective. All the experiences, all the people, all the stuff… It kind of works out.

With a lot of help from our friends.

See you soon, my friends.

  1. Marilyn Hess
    | Reply

    Wonderful article by Sandra Coopersmith. Congrats. Looking forward to Sunday concert. I will keep spreading the word,(“tooting your horn”), to insure a sold out event. :>)

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