Hello and Goodbye – Marvelous Midwest

This post is THE FINAL INSTALLMENT of the 11-part series, “Marvelous Midwest,” about discovering my extended family in Indiana and “ukeing” it up in Missouri. All in one very eventful trip.

Cali and Craig on the last day of The Mighty Mo Ukulele Festival.

My husband I live a 10K race away from LAX. It’s like there’s an airplane freeway in the sky that passes over our condo. This is the soundscape of life around here. In Missouri, it’s cicadas. I never actually see one, no little green guy with a “C” on his butt. But I hear them and ask a local person “what the hell is that?” I am told that sometimes the cicadas get so loud it’s impossible to carry on a conversation.



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Ukulele Players Make Nice With Everyone

This post is part 9 of 11 in the series, “Marvelous Midwest,” about discovering my extended family in Indiana and “ukeing” it up in Missouri. 

It’s the first day of the Mighty Mo Ukulele Festival and we land at The Cedar Creek Conference Center which is nestled in the big green trees atop one of those rolling hills in wine country Missouri. Ukulele players from neighboring states like Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, even not-so neighboring California, pull into the driveway to unload their bags and ukes. All blue jeans and Aloha!

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“Ukeing it” out yonder!

take offHi Everybody,

Ukulele road warriors, the ones who zig-zag the country performing, teaching, meeting and greeting at festivals and uke groups… They will laugh me off the planet when they find out I have never been to the Midwest.

Our Midwest.

Okay, hubby and I have grabbed the golden lei and made it to Hawaii. And I was born in Washington D.C., so I’ve been ice-skating on the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I wandered around New York City for eight hours, visited Maryland, Virginia and Jersey. When I was very little, the family sojourned to what was called Cape Canaveral in Florida to watch a rocket launch because my father worked for NASA. Read More