Most of us have something that is, shall we say, a little off the bell curve. Some exquisite oddity that doesn’t quite jibe with the standard perceptions of conformity–whatever those perceptions happen to be today. And now, thanks to modern technology, our “interesting stuff” appears front and center on the flickering blue screens of our computer thingie-do’s. For all to see.

This sort of “show and tell” engenders a myriad of reactions. Snarky stuff, for sure. But on the flip side, there is also a sense of “relief.” Yes, relief… Because in a world of a few billion people, a hearty chunk of them got what we got. That’s good news in my book.

I found this out by writing songs—funny songs about my personal problems and I have slowly changed my attitude from “hiding out” and “covering up” to “oh what the hell, let’s celebrate.” Why? Because keeping secrets takes too much energy and I’m exhausted.

So I have big feet. Which would be fine if I was six feet tall. But you’ve seen the pictures. I need to stand on a fricking box to reach my husband’s neck. “Proportion” is not the word that comes to mind. But then again, I do have feet. And they work. So let’s make funny.

“Big Feet” are on the cover of my new CD “Smile, Smile, Smile” and the song is fast becoming an audience favorite. I recently did a house concert and sure enough folks want to hear the song about my feet. The podiatrist who is standing behind the sofa is especially thrilled and buys a copy for his office. Now that’s a marketing niche I hadn’t considered before…

But the best part happens later when one woman after another presses her foot against mine and we both giggle at the glorious “bigness” of our shoes. It’s a celebration.

A celebration…

My husband and I performed “Big Feet” at the Lake Anne Ukulele Festival this summer in Reston, Virginia. It was rainforest hot and humid that day. Good feet-growing weather.  CLICK HERE to watch.

You can also purchase the CD online at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Flea Market Music and on my website. Enjoy forty minutes of “cheer-me-up” in your day. The album is a great gift for your neighborhood foot doctor too!

And speaking of celebrations… You are invited to my CD Release Party and Concert Sunday September 29, 2013 at Boulevard Music in Culver City. So “get dem” feet to the door!

Here are the details…

3 Responses

  1. Cali
    | Reply

    To Cali from Janet F.

    Hi young lady – I wear a size 10 shoe, and I have forever – big feet give us a good foundation and able to deal with life with all its good and bad surprises.

  2. Steve Fry
    | Reply

    Oh Cali, no one looks at our feet. They just see your vast smile and bright red hair, and stand in awe of your playing, singing and musicianship. My favorite song on your new CD is the waltz that describes your first car. I play it over and over being reminded of the VW bug that was my first college car.

    • Cali
      | Reply

      You had a VW Bug too! Oh my. I really miss my first car and bet you do too. There’s something special about “the first.”
      Thanks Cutie-Pie!

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